Hebrew Language Program

Suitable for kids 6-12 years old

Chabad Auckland is offering an opportunity to our young and youth to learn Hebrew in a safe welcoming environment at the Raye Freedman Library.

We are offering separate classes for the following age group: 6 to 11 years old

We will introduce the children to Hebrew in a fun way and help them to speak, read and write our wonderful language.
Yael HaCohen, a native Israeli,  have extensive experience in teaching Hebrew and delivering Jewish studies education in an engaging way.

We strongly believe that learning Hebrew can help our young generation gain a deeper connection to our Jewish culture, history and values. Additionally, studies have shown that children who are bilingual have greater cognitive abilities, which helps them in their educational and personal development. So why not take advantage of this offer and enroll your children? Please be quick to enroll as program commences

For further details and to register for the Hebrew Language Program, please contact: education@chabad.nz



Hebrew School